z14: Simon van Lalaing, heer van Hantes en Montigny


The shields of Simon of Lalaing and his nephew Jacob of Lalaing were mixed up. The visual, historic source material shows that a little lion is missing from the upper-left check; this lion can be found in Jacob of Lalaing’s arm, where it really does not belong.

The word ‘Prisōnier’ in the Coat of Arms in The Hague leads us to suspect that this knight was held captive during the 1456 Chapter. Simon of Lalaing was, however, present in The Hague in the flesh. He was held captive in 1432, as a result of which he could not take the oath as a knight during the Second Golden Fleece Chapter in Bruges.

Crest: a demi-eagle with elevated wings in silver, with a gold beak.