N16: Embleembord Orde van het Gulden Vlies


Saint Andrew was the patron of Burgundy and, as such, also of the Order of the Golden Fleece, together with Mary. Saint Andrew’s attribute, the saltire, is the emblem of the Order.

Against the black background of this panel in The Hague a gold diagonal cross (saltire or Saint Andrew’s cross) has been painted. The arms consist of knotty branches. A golden fire steel, with gold-coloured sparks flying off is wound around the centre of the cross. Between the two cross arms at the top is a coronet set with pearls. Between the two cross arms at the bottom we see a silver flint with the Golden Fleece pendant, facing right. Fire could be made by rubbing a fire steel over a flint. The Golden Fleece hanging from the flint between the two cross arms refers to the Greek myth of Jason.