n12: Jan IV van Auxy, heer en baron van Auxy


The crest consists of a bust of a Moor with a golden earring and a white-grey head scarf, dressed in a red robe, trimmed with gold piping and buttons. The crest was drastically repainted during previous restorations with a kind of waving fabric or leaves, but turned out to be partially there during the present restoration project. Art history studies in any event date the repainting after 1610 (Aernout of Buchel’s visit to the Great Church) and before 1730 (publication of historic work by Jacob de Riemer containing engravings of the Golden Fleece Coats of Arms), but the repainting was most likely done in the seventeenth century. The original inscription showing ‘Berdam’ is factually incorrect. It should read ‘Messire Jehan, Seigneur et Ber d’Auxy‘.